Buckets and fuel tanks for hydraulic excavators; components for industrial equipment and diesel engines




Excavator buckets
Excavator buckets
Excavator buckets

Excavator bucketsInami Plant

Our buckets for hydraulic excavators are available in a variety of sizes and configurations suitable for a wide range of applications. The use of welding robots enables us to fabricate even small production lots of consistently high quality.

Fuel tanks
Fuel tanks
Fuel tanks

Fuel tanksInami Plant

All fuel tanks we fabricate undergo our proprietary inspection process for leakage to ensure safety. We are also capable of accommodating customer needs for just-in-time delivery.

Fabrication process for hydraulic excavator buckets and fuel tanks

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The integrated manufacturing system at our Inami Plant features a robotic welding system, machining equipment, and stamping presses as well as a shot blasting and painting line. Our extensive experience and proven expertise in manufacturing enables us to undertake the timely fabrication and delivery of high-quality products.

Parts and accessories for marine and automotive diesel engines

Parts and accessories for marine and automotive diesel enginesTsuchiyama Plant

We undertake the flexible manufacturing of sheet-metal and machined parts, including brackets, ducts, and manifold piping for both marine and automotive diesel engines. We also offer express manufacturing and delivery service.

Industrial storage tanks

Industrial storage tanksTsuchiyama Plant

We offer custom individual fabrication of industrial storage tanks, mounting racks, and other appurtenant equipment of any size and type.

Components for construction equipment

Components for construction equipmentTsuchiyama Plant

We undertake the fabrication of machined parts for construction equipment that will meet all customer requirements for quality, cost, and delivery time.

Equipment for industrial incinerators

Equipment for industrial incineratorsTsuchiyama Plant

We undertake custom fabrication of storage bunker and other hopper-equipped, flip-up storage containers to meet the requirements of any project.